Script Analysis


Immediate Given Circumstances

Larger Given Circumstances

Character Analysis: Doug

Character Analysis: Kayleen

Plot Analysis

Connecting Structure

  • Scene 1-2: gauze unwrapping, she wants to know why he rode off the roof, he wants to know why she drove off the road.
  • Scene 2-3: dancing
  • Scene 3-4: Music/Sound… insults and the word “retarded”
  • Scene 4-5: Lotion/Cutting- her doing something she does for herself to him
  • Scene 5-6: He touches her scars
  • Scene 6-7: Doug tries to get her to run away with him, Doug tells her he loves her
  • Scene 7-8: They both go to a parent to find each other
  • Scene 8-1: Remember the puke, both talk about ice rink

Other People

  • Brad: Kayleen’s boyfriend at age 23. They live together. He hit a tree with the car.
  • Dan Strauss: Goes to middle school with Doug and Kayleen, kissed Erin Marks
  • Doug’s mom: Came to the viewing, sent flowers and casserole, loves Kayleen
  • Doug’s dad: Came to the viewing, loves Kayleen Elaine: Doug’s fiancé at age 28. He gets cold feet.
  • Erin Marks: Doug’s crush at 13 years old, dances with her at the 8th grade dance. She kissed Ian McGee and Dan Strauss.
  • Ian McGee: Goes to middle school with Doug and Kayleen, kissed Erin Marks
  • Kayleen’s mom: left the family, died from stomach disease
  • Kayleen’s dad: raised Kayleen, abusive, does not like Doug
  • Kristen MacConnell: a nurse that went to high school with Doug and Kayleen. She calls Kayleen when Doug goes to the hospital after blowing out his eye.
  • Matty Dozier: Beats up Doug at 18 after Doug tries to fight him for calling Kayleen a skank.
  • Wheaton: School employee
  • Sister Mary Pat: School employee, said that Doug broke his face
  • Sister Boniface: School employee, told Mrs. Wheaton that Kayleen threw up blood
  • Todd Scott: Riding the bike that Doug fell off the handlebars of and tore his Achilles tendon
  • Tim: Kayleen’s boyfriend at age 18, rapes her